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All Prints will be posted as soon as possible first class normally within 48 hours, however during busy periods please allow up to 7 days for receipt of your print. If you are paying through your paypal account please note we will send the prints to the address registered with your account unless instructed otherwise. Please ensure your details are current.

Full Resolution digital images will be sent by email with one image per email. If you are paying with your Paypal account please ensure your details are correct as the images will be sent to the email address registered with that account. Many business email addresses are size limited and the photo size will most likely exceed that limit, therefore please supply a personal email address.

Low Resolution digital images will be sent by email so please ensure your paypal details are correct. The low res images will also be uploaded to the LRG Photography facebook page in a photo album of the month.

If you have any difficulty viewing new events, either refresh the page or delete browsing history to make it show the latest site.